The Centre's topics overlap with the school curriculum

Promoting technical knowledge and natural sciences

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Basic information for school group visits

The substance of the guided tour overlaps with the curricula of the following (primary and secondary school) subjects:

  • physics and engineering,
  • energy technology,
  • natural sciences, and
  • ecology.

Guided tours of the Centre are customized based on the visitors' prior knowledge and level of interest, and the basics of energy and the energy industry are presented accordingly.

Escorts are present at the Centre throughout the tour and are responsible for the group they lead. Also make sure to read GEN's instructions for mentors to get some basic guidelines and tips before entering the Centre. You are also advised to read the STATEMENT with instructions for visitors, which will need to be signed by the group's mentor or the organizer of the visit prior to taking a tour of The World of Energy.

Particularly suitable for primary school students in senior years and secondary school and faculty students
The Centre can accommodate a group of up to 60 people at a time
The tour of the Centre is free of charge
The tour takes around 2h
By prior appointment only
An escort or mentor must stay with the group at all times
Additional programme

Looking for even more?

The World of Energy offers mentors and teachers:

  • Student worksheets on the topic of energy (the worksheets are available on our website 24/7, please see below.)
  • Possibility of collaboration in working with talented students.
  • Collaboration with mentors or interested primary/secondary school students in holding Saturday workshops.
  • Collaboration with mentors and primary/secondary school students in developing exciting new experiments, scale models or working models.
  • Participation in "The Young in the World of Energy" nationwide contest.
  • Participation in the "Young Geniuses" competition.
  • Participation in the "Technical Wizardry" event.
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