The country's largest power plant up close

Large 3D scale model of Krško Nuclear Power Plant


Visitors can explore the 3D scale model of Krško Nuclear Power Plant with the help of a movable touch screen. In eight distinct positions, various technical specifications or descriptions of individual Krško Nuclear Power Plant facilities will be displayed on the touch screen and also the widescreen LCD monitor.

The electricity from NEK accounts for roughly 40% of the country's total electricity generation output. One-half of it goes to the Republic of Croatia, the co-owner of the power plant.

Working 3D scale model
Exhibit located on the ground floor
Suitable for all ages

Krško Nuclear Power Plant is fitted with a 2000 MW thermal capacity pressurized light water reactor by Westinghouse. Its declared net capacity is 696 MW. The power plant is connected to a 400 kV power grid for supplying electricity to consumer locations across Slovenia and Croatia.

It generates more than 5 billion kWh of electricity a year, making up around 40% of Slovenia's overall electricity production output.

Thanks to its high nominal capacity and reliable supply of electricity countrywide, Krško Nuclear Power Plant (NEK) plays a critical role in the national electric power grid by:

  • ensuring grid stability,
  • maintaining stable voltage conditions in the transmission of electricity,
  • helping keep electricity prices stable in Slovenia, and
  • enhancing the reliability of supply and increasing the independence from external factors.
"The 3D scale model is captivating and very interesting since it allows us to learn more about the power plant's component parts – even if we don't get the chance to visit the power plant."
Maja, Velenje
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