Krško Nuclear Power Plant startup simulation


In cooperation with Krško Nuclear Power Plant experts, we developed a computer simulation of the nuclear power plant operation, whose main focus is to demonstrate the operation of a nuclear power plant as a thermodynamic engine.

The exhibit is also made in the mobile version, as it is an excellent tool for trade fair appliances.

Exhibit located on the ground floor
Experiment under supervision
Suitable for higher level

You get to become a nuclear power plant operator in charge of monitoring increases and changes in the reactor's heat output by operating the control rods, pressure and temperature changes of the water in the primary coolant circuit, the production of steam in the steam generator, conveyance of steam to the turbines and conversion of mechanical energy into electricity inside the generator, synchronization of the generator to the power grid, and the impact of the temperature and flow rates of the river Sava on the operation and efficiency of Krško Nuclear Power Plant.

After a brief introduction into how the simulation works, visitors are generally highly motivated to follow the instructions displayed in the simulation's control panel in order to get Krško Nuclear Power Plant from its initial state (following a maintenance outage) to its full capacity for feeding electricity into the power grid.

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