Try operating Slovenia's power plants

Energy mix


The "Energy mix" computer simulation is designed to simultaneously allow multiple visitors to steer the power production at 6 different types of power plants in order to follow the daily power demand curve as accurately as possible. The simulation uses actual data relevant for Slovenia.

Players must match the electricity generation output to the daily consumption rates, just like it is done in real life. Any deviations should be avoided because they mean higher costs. The electricity's final price also depends on the type of power plant used, level of CO2 emissions, and applicable subsidies. Players also need to make sure the selected combination has a minimum effect on CO2 emissions and the price of electricity.

Exhibit located on the ground floor
Suitable for all ages
Try out the online version as well

Energy mix - online version

The "Energy mix" simulation is also available in an online version, which allows you to try your hand at operating Slovenia's power grid on the web.

Embrace the challenge and create your own energy mix in the online simulation to try to satisfy Slovenia's daily demand for electricity.

"The energy mix is a brilliant tool that reveals the complexity of the power grid and the importance of large power plants for Slovenia such as the nuclear power plant, thermal power plant and hydroelectric power plants, all of which ensure a reliable supply of electricity for us to use."
Marcel, Celje
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