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Promoting the understanding of the energy industry

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The World of Energy

Visitor centre on energy and the energy industry

The World of Energy is an interactive multimedia centre launched in 2011 by the company GEN energija d.o.o. It is designed to take visitors on an in-depth journey into the world of energy and the energy industry. The Centre provides in-depth, evidence-based insights into the following topics:

  • the role and importance of energy and its applications in everyday life,
  • electricity generation technologies, and
  • the economic, social and environmental aspects of electricity generation.

The Centre promotes a better understanding of the role of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency and sustainable electricity generation in making responsible decisions about our energy future.

The World of Energy

Interactive, in-depth and problem-based approach

The Centre features interactive multimedia displays and exhibits which follow state-of-the-art design principles and methods of presentation.

It comprises two distinct sections:

  • a comprehensive interactive exhibition on energy and the energy industry is on display on the ground floor, and
  • an experiment room in the basement, where visitors are free to conduct and explore various experiments connected with electrical engineering, magnetism, electrostatics, electromagnetism and other electricity-related topics.

The World of Energy welcomes visitors of all ages, young and old alike, regardless of their backgrounds and prior knowledge. It is designed to provide useful, modern-day knowledge and spark a sense of curiosity and exploration in visitors.
The World of Energy caters particularly well for groups of teachers and primary or secondary school students on natural science and technology school outings.
Our aim is to provide comprehensive coverage of the complex topic of energy and the energy industry through advanced approaches and visitor engagement.
Our dedicated professional staff
At the Centre, you will be welcomed by our friendly, professional staff committed to providing comprehensive, evidence-based information and guidance at all times.
Garsia Kosinac
Professional staff member at The World of Energy
Melita Lenošek Kavčič
Professional staff member at The World of Energy
Jure Jazbinšek
External staff member at The World of Energy
Niko Marn
External staff member at The World of Energy
Mirko Novak
External staff member at The World of Energy
Igor Pirc
External staff member at The World of Energy
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